DnS Development

 DnS Development was founded in 1996. Our first project was the CD-burning application for Amiga, called "Burn IT".

 In 1999 we started porting game titles from Windows to Macintosh. Some of the titles include "Shogo", parts of "Alien Nations" and "Knights and Merchants".

 Since 2001 our focus shifted from porting to 3D applications, ranging from video games to video editing. We were involved in production of numerous transition effects and other 3D based add-ons that were used in the Casablanca video editing system.

 Later works are the 3D engine of the route designing software Vasco da Gama, the first person shooter Rage Hard, a huge number of core effects in Sacred 2 and the innovative TWIN SECTOR.

 What we do?

 DnS Development is focused mainly on the creation of next gen 3D applications and video-games. Target is to develop intuitive and innovative products.

 Our technologies are in-house engines fitting exactly the needs of the customers.




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